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Snapped door opening cable

edited April 2016 in Public Discussions
Well almost a week without any drama but while I was pulling on the inside drivers door handle to open the door I heard a snap! and the handle went 'floppy', so after reading the forum I've come to the conclusion that the cable has snapped. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement?


  • Hi, before any purchase it is worth to have a look what went wrong on the opening. In dowload section you can find door panel removal guide, it's just a 5 min job to remove it and you have good understanding what to do.
  • Thanks Kaljok, downloaded - now to find another pair of hands to hold the door card to remove the door light. Hopefully it will be a connection rod end that has sprung loose and it will be a simple matter of clipping it back in, I'll keep you posted
  • This door card is not that heavy compeared to door itself, I have managed to do it my own.
  • Ok, cheers
  • The part is/was still available from Renault; I had the same problem as the ferrall behind the handle assembly had sheared off;
    Part No; P R60 25 402 298 N/STK cable. £36.54
  • Thanks Sean, I've not removed the door card yet, I'm waiting for some nice weather (space too tight in the garage). The door card removal tool arrived from eBay yesterday (£5) I'll let you know what I find when I get inside
  • Well I had an hour or two to spare this afternoon so I decided to change the snapped cable. I got the door card off in about 10 minutes but I fiddled about with the light for half an hour trying to unclip it before I realised it didn't need to come out! I could not remove the 3 screws that hold the door lock in place so it was back on with the door card, darn it!
  • Had it done for the mot so that's another job out of the way.
  • I noticed that after I had the door cable replaced the window caught on something on the way down but not on the way up, I took the car back to the garage and they said that the cable that runs round the window mechanism is frayed and that is why it only catches on something on the way down and not on the way up and suggested I only open the window so far so as not to catch the frayed cable....well that doesn't seem right to me and I'm pretty sure it is being put down to coincidence and not being damaged by them whilst replacing the door opening cable...it was fine before I took it in BUT damn it, it could be coincidence because it is a 13 year old car...and it's turning into Charlie Cairolis car too darn fast for my liking. :-L
  • Sounds very much as if they have not tucked everything out of the path of the descending window. As for 'frayed', 'fraid not. Sounds fishy, and they are not taking responsibility for not doing the job correctly.
  • .....and people ask me why I diy everything.
  • DIY needs confidence, especially on an Avantime. But it does seem to be the only thorough way to get things right.
  • yep, standard fare for mechanics that I've left my car with...take the money and run.
  • I didn't have much confidence at the beginning (i paid someone to change my brake discs), but because im tight and the thought of paying £80 just for them to plug it and and say what might be wrong with it, then change several bits at my expense until they find the fault, just puts me off garages. I love learning about the car, and it means that when there is a strange noise im more likely to identify it because i know what it looks like under there. I appreciate many dont have the time/energy/physical ability to do things themselves, but its very rewarding if you can fix it yourself, far beyond the money saved, and with such an excellent forum as this, theres no shortage of people who do know what theyre talking about, which gives me great confidence in being able to trust what ive read. Also abme's experiences don't exactly encourage me to leave my pride and joy with someone else.
  • I'd like to have the space for a proper garage with all the works, but at the moment it's just about possible to park the car in the garage and squeeze out of the door and then squeeze along the wall past all the clutter and pop out of the garage door! I completely understand your joy at being able to work on your car...and your reluctance to take it somewhere I may have been as well...I've only had the Avantime for 6 months but I'm learning about it's idiosyncrasy's through the knowledgeable good folk on this forum, thanks guys, very nice of everyone to help each other out, especially given the trait of the modern mechanic that I've encountered :)>-
  • I am no mechanic but my father was, so I was forced into learning through lack of cash.
    I found it satisfying to dismantel anf fettle my old bangers.
    I learned that there is huge skill involved. My best mate owns a garage. The real skill is in weilding a 5lb hammer, understanding the way to coax components to join or separate.
    If a car was Meccano we would be laughing.
    It just isn't.
    Now I polish and schmooze competetent mechanics.
  • Yes my mechanical experience has to do with old Escorts, Cortinas and the odd Mini (my earliest recollection of someone working on a car was watching my dad remove an engine from a Austin 7 or was it a Ford Prefect? I must've been around 4 or 5 at the time otherwise he wouldn't have let me under his feet in the garage). I could find my way around them easy enough but lift the bonnet on one of the new breed and I really don't know where to start hammering.
  • I wish i had a garage! I do all my work on my drive, and living at a seaside town its blowy and theres sand everywhere - which isnt fun when lying under the car :(
    I agree, theres alot of skill and knowledge in being a car mechanic, I don't feel that they are over charging, it costs alot for all the various equipment, training and upkeep of a garage, and when i do anything to my car i invest hours researching here and elsewhere online to understand how the thing works and what i then need to do to diagnose the fault, but because its my passion/hobby i enjoy it, if you just enjoy the driving and community side of the car its likely to be a bit of a chore to do the research, but i enjoy that just as much as fixing it. Gonna do my multipla's timing belt soon - that'll be a big job!
  • I took the car back to the garage that did the mot to sort out the window catching on the way down and they fixed it for me no fee, well it was their work which caused the problem in the first place....so I'm feeling a little happier.
  • It is Sean, but 1 step forward 2 step back for me, I think I bought the wrong car, I didn't want a project I just wanted a good looking car.
  • Are these cables still available? My Avantime hates the cold, the drivers door, LHD over here in Norway freezes shut. Window drops but the lock wont release. Had a suspicion that the cable has stretched over time.
    No luck looking for them over here or so far online.
  • Hi Craig
    I have the door catches and cables available for the passengers door of a RH drive Avantime which should be the ones you require.
  • @Auswegian The cable is adjustable. Remove the door card and you will see the white plastic adjuster half way along the cable.
    No need for a new cable.
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