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Hub Cap

Good Afternoon Fellow Avantime Owners

Would anybody outhere have a hub cap to sell please? One of mine fell off somewhere between Oxford and Cambridge last week while I was visiting the UK from Jersey. It is for a 2002 2.0 litre Dynamique

Many Thanks


  • edited August 2
    It's also worth removing and replacing them yourself when taking to the garage for tyres or any wheel off work. They need to be removed either with the tool or a small screwdriver and replaced carefully with all the prongs in the hole, otherwise the prongs may break, which is why they fall off, if they're intact they won't fall off.
  • has Mike got any new ones left from the last bulk buy ?
  • Don't know, believe that price is for used
  • Thanks for the information. I had the wheels rebalanced while in France a few weeks ago so the fitters may have put the cap on wrongly. I dont mind a good second hand one if there aren't any new ones available
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