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Pistonheads discussion

edited May 2011 in Public Discussions
I think all owners need to add some positive points to this discussion on Pistonheads, and welcome a potential owner with open arms.



  • Gav, Looks like blearyeyedboy has given you a mention.
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    The way I see it the more people who know about the car the more desirable it will be.

    I've also noted that no-one on the Pistonheads discussion has mentioned the urban myth that the doors drop. It's the one thing people mention, yet I don't know of any car where it's happened!
  • I read the Piston Heads discussions with interest and was pleased to see there are far more positive comments than negative ones. There do seem to be a lot of people talking about wanting one too.
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    Slightly resurrected thread! Nice new Avantime article on the front page of Pistonheads, and again some nice positive comments. There's hope for the prices yet!
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    interesting to read the comments...must be 80/20 in favour..
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    Can we have a link please? I can't find it.

    edit:- https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=&t=1857682
  • bodie said:

    interesting to read the comments...must be 80/20 in favour..

    I'd lay money that most of the 20% have never seen one in the flesh let alone driven one.
  • I wouldn't even say 20% are against it, and the only real justification for disliking it is 'its ugly', which is completely subjective and ultimately, you can't please everyone all the time. I think the Nissan Juke is horrendously ugly, but they keep selling the damn things and blighting our roads - I think had it been a sales flop people would look back and go 'oh, wasn't that quirky' (they probably will in 20 years when thankfully most will be gone). Really though, its nice to see how much people like them, and some good stories from people who have owned/driven them in the past and really loved it, despite going on to own some other really nice cars (reassures me that I've made the right decsion to stick with one great car than trying to get through as many as I can!)
  • Even the designers knew it was a bit of a Camel

    My friend has one and loves it.
    'It should be called the Nissan Joke' I said
    'Well. look at it!'
    He was deeply offended. As with the Avantime, beauty is in the eye of the beholder
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