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Sat Nav Display

edited September 2013 in Public Discussions
I assume all sat navs are the same for the Avantime. When I start the car, and the Sat nav screen comes on there is a nice Renault logo. This then dis-appears to show a warning sign to obey the highway code or something similar.
I find I put the map on just to get rid of the warning sign which gets derisory comments from passengers.
Is there a way of getting the Renault logo to remain as the default screen, or indeed can an alternative default be created ??




  • Unfortunately not, you have to manually select either map or standby to get rid of the nag screen. I remember this being discussed at length in the early days of the Yahoo site.
  • This has always annoyed me too - I actually got in touch with Renault a while back and they said no its permanently programmed in.
    I did design a small circuit ages ago (never got round to building so far) that basically closed a pair of relay contacts 3 times - idea was to connect it across the button you press 3 times to get map display, so every time I start the car it automatically 'presses' the button 3 times and goes to map. Must get round to doing it at some point :-)
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    sat nav is typically french. you have to press 9 buttons in order to get a previous destination programmed in. a new destination is just too much effort. also spend most of my time 'ranting' that the sat nav is sending me in the wrong direction...... i tend to put it on just to see how bad it is..... if all sat navs were like this then they would never have caught on...
  • I did notice that some of the latest Carminat systems are actually TomToms. I guess it might actually be possible to replace the built-in one with a bit of work!
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    Renault have signed up with Tom Tom as they realised that they couldn't develop a sat nav that was as good as the aftermarket ones. And when a poor system costs £1200 as a factory fit it doesn't seem very good value for money.

    The new Tom Tom systems are very good, and the icon on the display is actually a picture of your car, which I thought was a good touch. I don't think they will fit in the Avantime without a lot of rewiring, but you never know!
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    This Carminat system is the same as was used in BMWs and Rover/MGs.
    Sorry but if you think it is 'bad', its because of the settings that have been selected.
    Of several that I have used, although there is a lot of button pushing, I find this one to be very good and certainly the fastest at updating - I suggest that you recheck your settings and the age of your software!
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    My Binatone Carrera X430 (Europe enabled) cost only £56, (other makes are available) and will always update within 20 seconds if I take a detour off suggested route. Must put the Carminat to the test in a comparison over the same route. Two satnavs in the car at once! (It's been done before).
    The really useful features I find on the Carminat system are the ease of volume adjustments, even though the repeated 'louder' or 'softer' signal is a bit peeving after a while; and also the repeat command facility when you prod for it.
    I often find when using the Binatone in another car - "what did it just say?" with no way of a manual repeat request.
    The Carminat also gives instructions well ahead at roundabouts for early lane positioning. The Binatone is embarrassingly late on this sometimes.
  • My satnav truncates the word "third" for some reason. It says, for example, "Take the th-' exit" , seemingly unable to say "third" in full. It's the same in both voices.
    Is this my setup, or does anyone else share this problem? It would appear to be a system or background problem, as the word is pronounced the same on the original maps disk as well as the 2007 maps disk I now use.
  • I find the Carminat instructions to be much clearer than any other SatNav I have used, especially when it comes to getting in the right lane for an intersection. How many other systems ever use the phrase "stay in the centre lane" for example. This is especially true when negotiating the weird and wonderful intersections of mainland Europe.

    I would also echo John's comments regarding the volume and repeat.

    The system also asks whether you want to continue to the previously programmed destination rather than just assuming that you do.
  • As a new user, thanks to Mike, I appreciate the split screen facility. This, especially after trying to listen to my mobile phone GPS programme for the last couple of years.
    I am itching to try the Dutch version ... the language from Holland or the Netherlands NOT the softer version from the north of Belgium. This will probably be this weekend when I have to pick up the niece and nephews for a party, it may also make them laugh!
  • the only use i have for the sat nav these days is 'comedy value' I ask the car 'who won the F1 world championship in 75,77 & 84 - it always answers correctly 'Lauda'...
  • Neilly500 - you've done that too?!!!!
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    When I program a new destination into my Sat Nav the screen starts with something similar to the 'split screen' function, but it fills the whole screen with grey. It shows distance and direction to destination and displays junctions very large etc. If I navigate away from that screen I can never get it back, the best I can do is get the 'split screen' display. Anyone else noticed this and anyone found the secret to getting that first display back?

    Also, how do you delete previous destinations from the list? I looked in the sat nav manual but didn't see it, meaning it's probably in bold type on page one. :)
  • Just a follow up for anyone trawling for info in the future. I never did discover how to do either of the things mentioned above with my original unit (The DVD unit in front of the passenger). Now I have fitted a later unit from a Laguna, and immediately found a way to do both: The display option is really easy, when in map mode, you just turn the selector knob on the left of the centre unit and it scrolls through 'full map' 'split screen' and 'junction diagrams only'. Deleting addresses is equally easy, I forget the exact sequence but if you go to the address book it is quite intuitive. Maybe they just did not implement these features on the early units. The later Avantimes had an updated Satt Nav unit as fitted from the factory, and the Laguna unit I fitted came from a 2006 car I think, so may be a later version still.
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