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A Different Top Gear Video

edited October 2011 in Public Discussions
Not seen this on here, and cribbed the link from another Forum!
Anyway, Series 1 Episode 6, which featured Jason Dawe rather than May.
The vid is in separate 10 minutes chunks, so when you get to the end of each it rolls over. There's a V-S in the first one and the Avantime appears in the second one.
Clarkson has some interesting comments on choosing your colour:


Top Gear Season 1 - Episode 6 FULL EPISODE


  • edited October 2011 Posts: 0
    I remember when it was on TV first-time out.
    They put the Avantime on the Cool Wall in part 3 in Sub-Zero. :-D

  • I've embedded the video in Jondkee's post above, you can select the "video segments" by hovering you mouse over the right hand side of the video screen and selecting 2 or 3. The Avantime appears in both clips.

    Thanks for posting this again, it disappeared from Streetfire some time ago so nice to see it back.
  • Yep I had that episode, found it on youtube a couple of years ago, and added it to my Favourites, but it dissapeared !!!
    So GREAT to have it back !!
  • 'metallic mushy pea green....'!
  • Ay lad, theres nowt like mushy peas ...
  • And Clarckson is from Doncaster, so probably had bowls of them as a Kid ?? :p
  • That may well explain why he is so full of "wind"?
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