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New Paint / Blocks !



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    At the mo its going to be sorned. I may sell/keep havnt decided yet. Its in good nick and good fun bit like a go cart !.Prob look around for another bit of fun but no rush as its just been Motd with no advisories ! (England and Aberdeen recently and not a beat missed) I like the winter car idea as its good for the Avantime. Would love a Safrane or 21 Turbo again before they get too old........could trawl the tweb for old Renaults for days and not get bored..........who knows all summer to potter. :D regs Sc
  • Cars looking good B-)
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    Cheers........don't look too close. Not getting the rails done on time now... ~X( Sc
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    First drive today and seems all ok.............right where is the sunshine........ joy ! B-) Sc
  • Tut, tut [-X
    I can't believe an upstanding member of the community would take an un-taxed vehicle on the public highway. :P :))
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    What makes u think its untaxed or insured for that matter ...........until midnight !! Arf Sc :D
  • something new (i think) (not seen it before myself anyway !!)


    3 pages of our cars in selection of colours, some of which may be misdescribed..

    i think the black one is nocturne for instance...

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    Clever find!
    .....and I think you're right bodie.... such an difficult colour! b-(
  • edited September 2015 Posts: 0
    @Redlion : have you seen the white car in the video above (May 2012) ?
  • Hi Scooby,

    Well what a debate...firstly I always think it best to just keep running any vehicle, as in my experience they just get grumbly when left. So with all the great wax's and treatments on the market today you should be able to fend off the worst of winter.

    As to vinyl wrapping..I had a van wrapped, great until it bubbles and cracks and when it came to selling the van, it stuck like poo to a blanket! so had to pay £200 to get it removed.

    Overall a respray would be my preferred route and as for colours, I am on the fence, it is such a stunning shape and with the contrasting roof, I am more conservative, I would prefer my Grey to be a darker carbon grey against the silver roof.

    One thing I did spot online was this, which could offer some interesting accents to the car..maybe on the rear vents etc?

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    Yup...like that wrap Bob....my Avantime is now sorned till the spring which has been done the last 3 yrs.The only thing I do is run it up the drive to clear the disc brakes and avoid flat spotting the tyres and leave a de humidifier in it as the build up of condensation with all the glass starts off mold spots.Not had any rear issues,but on axel stands may done later this year...oh for a spare garage and dry store regs Sc
  • Ah a nice big dry garage!!! if only!!!

    So basically you only tax for 6 months during the summer?

    I am hoping to use mine all year! so yet to see if it will be happy this coming winter!
  • edited September 2015 Posts: 1,985
    Its only because of the really crap winters and up here.. they go mad with the salt..also given we have seen double figures in minus temps (-29 one year!up in the hills with the dog branch) the Avantime doors and windows detest Scotland but love La Riviera Sc
  • Yes.. hence the strong whisky and tweed jackets! and of course the beautiful scenery.

    Here just wet and overpriced :-(

    By the way is yours the one with those great looking double exhaust pipes!?
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    Tis indeed...sorry just back hols..sad but I could look at an Avantime all day and not get bored esp with the twin cans.Big comfy car with a smidge of madness Regs Sc
  • Yes Colin but would have been nicer driving around that greek island with full air mode
  • Posts: 1,985
    Not on those roads...chaotic and barely a square body panel to be seen Sc
  • Yes but at least it was the only one on the island
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