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I first saw an Avantime at a motor show in Belfast in 2002 and was well impressed but at 28k was out of my range.Over the next 6 years I can only remember seeing 2 on the roads.About a week ago I saw one for sale in Belfast and agreed right away to buy it.I picked it up this morning and am really delighted with it.Its a 3.0 petrol auto Privilage,purple(open to correction)with silver roof.Looking forward to learning more about my new hobby from the group.


  • Hi Trevor,

    Welcome to the club. As you have probably realised this site and forum is relatively new and still under development so bear with us whilst all of the features are implemented.

    Your colour is called Nocturne, unfortunately we don't have any icons to suit your colour so I've set yours up as monaco (the nearest to it) Hope that's ok,

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    Learning more already.Good luck with the site.
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    Hi everybody,
    I'm Matteo, from Italy, an Avantime owner like you.
    In Italy there's not a forum like this and I like the possibility to share experiences with a so rare vehicle.
    thank you all from me and from my blue Avantime!
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    Ciao Matteo

    Benvenuti Proprietari Avantime Regno Unito


    Where are you in Italy?
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    I also live here and have never once come across one for sale. In fact I've only ever even seen two - A blue one that lives in Carrickfergus, and a grey one on the M2.

    Where abouts do you live? I look forward to seeing you on the road - I'll be the fool in the blue M
  • ciao,
    i live in Assisi, in the centre of italy, but by now i'll be few months in turin..
  • Matteo, Glad to see your Avantime survived the earthquake last year.
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    Your Megane is safe R9UKE.I sold my Avantime last year and it is now in England.I miss it hence I continue to lurk on this great site.
  • Would that have been the Avantime I saw coming into Ballymena a couple of years ago - or are there others?

    I took mine over to Northern Ireland a few years ago - fantastic roads - Glenshane Pass etc etc! Must do it again sometime!
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    Yes you should - we have a severe shortage of Avantimes to lust over.

    However I did see YCZ 6492 again today - the only Illiade Blue Avantime I know of in NI - I was right behind it for quite a while, and it certainly got plenty of looks. I gotta say, seeing them on the road is totally different to looking at pictures. They look like they shouldn't be on the roads for another 10 or 20 years!! I even managed to illegally take a pic with my phone :)
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    Hi to you all,
    I am Jerome from France. I've been meeting people from AOUK last sunday in the south of England and then decided to become a member of this nice club.
    I am a member of the french club Amicale Avantime since 2005. I am also one of the 10 people running this club.
    My first Avantime was a V6 with mechanical gearbox, but in 2006 I bought a diesel one, just because it had a very low mileage and also because it is very special


    I am sincerely happy to enter this forum, as it will help me perfecting my english !
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    Hi Jerome, I'm so glad you joined our Club !
    Your English is very very good already, but it might take you a while to understand some of the TV based quotes, that appear frequently on here !!!
    If you are a fan of Monty Python, then it will help. LOL
    P. S. Jerome and I are already Avantime' buddies !!
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    Hi guys !

    I'm Antoine from french club Amicale Avantime. I've seen some of you last sunday at leeds castle (Mike, Gavin...). Very happy to be there with you and all the english AVT drivers.

    See you soon

  • Hi Antoine,

    I'm glad you have registered with our club. When you told me on Sunday you had lost your login details I looked through the email lists but could not find you. I think may be you were registered with our old site on Yahoo.
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    That right, it was on Yahoo !
  • Hi everyone... new member, looking into getting an Avantime but wanted to get as much info as possible.
  • Welcome! You've found the right place, but don't be put off!
    Whereabouts are you?
  • Im in carshalton, Surrey. I have seen a couple on Ebay... wanted to find out specialists, things to look out for, how often cambelts should be done, things that should make me walk away etc
  • Hello Dangermouse and welcome to our club and forum.

    Your nearest specialist for Avantime servicing is probably Paul Sage at Alpine Autos.
    Tel: 0203 241 2065

    Things to look out for, have a look at our buyers guide :-

    The recommended cam belt interval is 5 years or 72000 mile whichever is sooner.
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    Cam belt for a V6 costs from £650 to £1500 to do. it depends on where you take it. $-) :-? :ar!
  • Peter, I'd have thought you would advocate the DIY approach.
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    What, on here!!!!!!!!!!!! LoL , If he want to d.i.y. it would then only cost £250 or thereabouts $-) :-)) :ar!
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