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How many other cars copy the Avantime

edited March 2013 in Public Discussions
I've just been having a look at the news that Alfa Romeo might be launching (again) an executive size car similar to their Gloria concept car, and the picture struck me as similar to the Avantime with the silver roof rails (plus the red paint). That got me thinking of how many other cars have Avantime like design features. The Audi A1 also has silver roof rails and the Seat Toledo had a curved back window.

On top of that we now have the whole 'crossover' segment where the Avantime was a very early proponent.

So I was wondering if anyone else can think of other cars that copy ours?


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    nice looking motor ^^^^^ :)
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    The Peugeot RCZ also has the silver roof rails
  • Almost a half-scale copy:-image
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    Words fail me!
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    That is awful , I would rather eat my own arm than be made to drive that .........
    I could put up with that Alfa mind ;-)
  • You could always tow one behind, in case the real one breaks, not that ever happens ...
  • I believe Matraman243 has one of these (don't be too hard on him) or am I confusing him with someone else?
  • Yup, I think he has, but I wasn't going to spill the beans. Rupert is being very quiet.... :-?
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    Ha ha only just seen this. Yes I have one, in that colour too! Mine has the earlier front end treatment which some think is even worse but I acually like it. Roocarl I also love the colour of your wrap so either that is in good taste or L-) :-))

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    Oops give me a spade , apologies .....
  • Why do you need a spade? the hole is already dug. :-))
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    Is my R5 actually smaller ? Sc Arf
  • No apology neccessary Carl, each to his own. Owning one of these, you've got to to be able to take a joke!
  • That's what I love about the Avantime. It will always attract comments from both ends of the spectrum. People either love it or absolutely hate it, with a java green one the opinions are split even wider.
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    Thank you matraman I actually saw one of those in Banbury yesterday they must be quite rare
    I don't think I have had a negative comment on the Avantime , most people seem really curious about it .
    Personally I love bright colour cars even Mikes green one ;-)
    I think it's a shame people would not buy there fav colour car because there concerned about what it says about them or resale value .
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    e pieno di copioni, per questo l'Avantime tanti dicono auto di male, cosi sono autorizzati a copiarla,.,ùio fare copiright.,,.,
  • Che cosa è copioni? Non capisco questo

    I don't understand, what is "copioni"
  • Got my Avantime mentioned in Evo. Reason, compared the Avantime to a Ferrari. Guess which one?
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