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Top Gear Coolwall Episode

The coolwall episode featuring the "sub-zero" Avantime is available to view here:-



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  • 28 minutes in!
    good piece at the beginning comparing to vel satis
    the black stig
    who's the early James May?
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    Well done Mike, I've been trying for ages to find it !

    Youtube seem to have every episode that series bar that one !!!
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    I've extracted a copy just in case it gets taken down like the ones on YouTube
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    Did the Top Gear guys ever do a road test of the Avantime ? ... I saw the Vel satis test,"which was not too good".. but maybe I missed the Avantime ?
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    I don't think they did. Just two mentions in series one Episode six linked above

    1 Discussion around the red one and how Jeremy likes the Java Green.
    2 Picture of a blue one goes on the new Cool Wall.

    Then the more recent attempt to modify a blue V6.
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    Just watched it Mike,.. Jeremy's discription of your Java Green was, "Mushy peas Green" colour,.... how does that translate into french ? ...... " Douce Pois" perhaps !!...
    I heard that he did buy one in that colour, despite the chief Renault guy asking him to wait till they made it better !!!! ...... if we'd all listened to him , there wouldn't be any owners !! ha ha !
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    mentioned once

    12 pages here
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    Mr Clarkson said:-

    "Five years ago Renault was in a mess. Supermarket styling and game-show personality combined to create some of the most bland cars in the world. I actually left Old Top Gear because IÂ’d been presented with the then new Clio and I simply couldnÂ’t think of a single thing to say about it.

    But then everything changed. We got the Avantime, that two-door people carrier GT coupé, and I had plenty to say about that. All of it good."
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    Anyone know where or how i can view the cool wall feature for the Avantime.....? have tried all links and searches and with no joy......prob me bein dim .. Sc
  • Vel Satis is also in the same episode.

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    Ta very much like ! regs Sc :) ..............(edit 5 mins later----proved my point it went straight to sub zero) thought so ta
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