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Telephone number Alpine Autos

Hi there
Hopefully I have put this in the correct area.
Cynthia Sage here Alpine Autos.
After 4 months of arguments with BT we got a line back with a new number having
2033 at the end. Received a call from BT yesterday to say we can have our old number
back from today. How useless are they??? Anyway to people who have interest in this
Our number from today INDEPENDENCE DAY is back to 0203 241 2065 and our apologises for BT's

regards to everyone
Cynthia Sage


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    Hi Cynthia, thanks for the info, have changed my mobile contact No. back to your original ....... two days after changing them to the new No. :)
    I now know never to use BT as my phone provider ...... "Bad Telecom" :-))
    Hugs... Graham x
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    Can someone remind me where AA is located?
  • 27 Greenhurst Road, London SE27 OLH
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