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Motormania at Grantown on Spey

Hi all,

Taking the Avantime to it's first show this weekend.

I tried to book a space 10 days ago but the 500 spaces were already allocated. I did expressed an interest if there was any cancellations and received an email today saying that there had been 25 cancellations.

So the Avantime will be taxed tomorrow and off to Grantown on Sunday.

Anyone else fancy coming along?


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    I think scooby is the man to speak to.
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    Groan.....short notice and nightshift but shall try tomorrow night on the begging front regs Sc

    Ps pm me the contacts in case I get a green light renoman cheers sc
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    Sorry about the short notice, but I had no plans to go myself until I received the email this morning.
    The guys name is Duncan Grant and his email address is duncanneuk@gmail.com
    Event contact phone number is (01479) 872309
    I'm not too sure how to attach the link to the web site.
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    Ta....doubt it but will try Fri evening for a day off Sc
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    I'm not too sure how to attach the link to the web site.
    just type the whole URL (including the http bit) into your post like this excellent example :-

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    Ahh, you mean like this.

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    Got the car taxed today and was checking the mileage on the MOT.
    It was tested last November and my Avantime has only done 147 miles since then.
    I'll do more miles than that on Sunday.
    My plan is to use it for the next two months then store it away again till spring next year.
  • Just back and no surprise, there were no other Avantimes. However, there was a Clio V6 and a 30 year old R5 turbo 2.
    I noticed a lot of people looking closely at the Avantime badge on the tailgate - I can only imagine they had no idea what kind of car it was.
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