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Removing Windscreen Wipers

I want to clean out the drainage channel at the bottom of the windscreen under the plastic cover. I have taken the retaining bolts off but the wipers remain in place. I don't want to force them and can't see if there is anything else I need to loosen in order to remove or whether they are slightly corroded into place.

Any advice would be useful indeed.



  • You need a small ball joint puller to remove with out damaging they can be
    extremley tight on the splines. You can buy pullers for removing arms .Mark the windscreen with a crayon with wipers in park position before removing ,then refit arms in line with marks
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    I bought pullers, soaked the splines in penetrating fluid and still couldn't shift them!! I'll be revisiting them with more penetrating fluid and will try again next weekend, so good luck Hugh!
  • With the puller in position and applying pressure to the joint, tap the side of the wiper arm boss with a small hammer or other metallic object. This should shock the joint apart.
  • Thanks gentlemen! A set of pullers on the shopping list then.
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