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Before and after ... Bonnet refit

edited October 2013 in Public Discussions
Bonnet picked up from Car and Bike Magic and refitted during a break in the weather today. Very please with the finish and Optimus Prime (the kids call it the transformer car) is restored to its former glory. Easy to fit and all lined up first go with help from Derek (senior). Chuffed to bits. ............... Sorry, wont let me post pics, click on attach file and nothing happens.



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    is it letting you browse ?
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    Photos work for me. Looks very smart now !
  • Photos work, but need sorting. More before than after. Looks fine.
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    Derek, glad to hear you got it sorted, sorry I hadn't been back to you about including your respray in with mine but I've stalled on the rebuild of GCO for now till I get the parts.

    I'm not sure why you can't get photos to upload, we did have issues with this but thought it ws sorted. If you email them to me I'll put them up for you.
  • I think this is a firefox issue, when I saw this post in firefox, there were no photos showing, but i can see them in chrome (altho it doesnt show a preview and when you click goes to the page where the image is hosted fullsize).
    When we were doing this in the bugs thread i posted a photo on firefox and it just did nothing for me, but had actually uploaded the photo, but it was not viewable in firefox (thats why there are 5 images the same, because they uploaded but he didnt know). So derek can post the photos himself, but wont actually know if it has worked.

    So, has this bonnet been repaired or is this a replacement bonnet off another car?
  • What browser are you using Derek?

    I'm using firefox and even if I edit Derek's post I can't see a link.

    Lewes, Can you post the link you could see?
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    Weird - I'm Firefox too, and last night i saw (and opened) 6 pic links at the foot of Derek's post, but they've now disappeared now in Firefox. Changing to IE7, the links are visible and can be opened.
    For info, the fourth pic (2135) is the 'after', while all other pics are 'before' the new bonnet was fitted.
  • I could not, and still cant see any pictures in firefox, or a link.
    in chrome there was a little icon (i think its used for when the image doesnt load in chrome) which when i clicked on just went to the page of the image, like the links you posted above, although it opens in the same tab, not a new one.
  • Sorry guys, didn't mean to post so many of the same image. I'm using firefox and looking at my post now, although the thumbnails show nothing (small x) if I click on the thumbnail it shows the image okay. This has never happened before when I've posted images and not sure why it has now?
  • Just after the software upgrade we had a similar issue affecting all browsers. This was resolved with the help of the Vanilla techies by downgrading the version of PHP that the site uses from ver5.4 to ver5.2. I've just checked to make sure the host hadn't changed it but it's still ver5.2. I can no longer see thumbnails or links when I upload files myself.

    Firefox ver 24.0 here.
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    Test upload (80k image)
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    Test upload 2 (660k image)
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    Test upload3 (2.71Mb image) (too big?)
  • Temporarily moved to public discussions for Vanilla Gurus to take a look.
  • i can see all those test images (except 3 which is too big) (firefox 24.0) but still cant see derek's pics
    i have attached a pic, it has uploaded ok and shows me a preview below
  • Spudit, the bonnet was beyond repair as the metal had stretched. The bonnet is a replacement and was mars red when I got it off Shnick.
  • Don't junk it. There may be some "hot rodder" wants an extraordary air flow gadget on a show car bonnet ...
  • Glad you were able to use the bonnet Derek! Unfortunately I cannot see any photos on this thread but I know how proud you are of your car and I'm glad you have it repaired!
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