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A12 Speed Cameras

Just a quick warning for all the Essex boys,
If you are traveling on the A12, the Police are testing out a new type of speed gun with two cameras built in to it.
It's already caught 350 drivers in it's first two days of operation and there are NO WARNINGS in the areas it's being used (near Chelmsford), but it could well be used on other parts of the A12 as well.


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    Grrrrr ! Dirty polis .....stats and money first good guys second as per............us rank and file detest this kind of persecution. regs Sc............... :-q
  • Good to hear you say that Scooby. I also think it detestable that there are stats on 'performance', measured by how many arrests are being made by each policeman. Setting targets in this manner is very underhand, stressful and ultimately counter productive for the boys in blue. IMHO.
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    It all creates resentment where there should be respect and we've passed the point of no return.
  • Thanks for the warning. However, the 'Three Mile Hill' section of the A12 that I recently commuted on (and Alison now does) into Chelmsford is more correctly named '3mph Hill' at rush hour time.
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    Tis sad but its all figures and not about quality of service......seems the same in England too............. :-w I was once proud of my job and I and many others now cringe. Sc
  • The same seems to have happened with the teaching profession. (just a personal opinion, rather than a political one!)
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    So many jobs are governed by performance, targets and statistics rather than the best outcomes for the user/customer now. Seems to be the way of the world...
  • Trying a new scheme in Belgium. Locals suggest good locations for a "one off" Radar Speed Check Day. 52,000 locations in so far. It may help to work against the radio, internet, teletext and smartphone systems that all notify mobile radar check zones.
  • Number of arrest was a measure in two uk forces, not a national target. I avoid speed cameras by not speeding ( mostly!) I thought that cameras had to be clearly visible ?
  • This being Belgium the date of the Radar day date leaked. Whether it stays tomorrow, Thursday, or is changed ... What fun. Some cheerful Charlies put dead end cobbled streets in, and other "impossible" locations where a cyclist could not speed, much less a car driver.
    The latest lucky man to escape the chop was realeased without penalty after driving at 217 kmph (160kmh is 100mph). Not enough detail on the charge sheet, apparently.
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    Other countries do not "advertise" cameras with signage or Hi viz reflective tape......no warning like Holland I believe, who can hide in dummy wheelie bins etc !!! now that's a sneaky...lol Sc
  • Holland will also charge 30€ for going 1km over 50km!
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    George how on earth can that be proved..............speedos and vascar/falcon etc are not 100% accurate and hense here we have a "buffer" ie 38 in a 30 blah blah. Our courts would have a field day with that minimal tolerance ! ??? Regs Sc
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    Maybe George means going 1kph over 50kph in a 40kph limit :))
  • I'd be surprised if they can make it stick. Construction & use regs permit a 10% deviation between indicated & actual speed. Most manufacturers play this safe to avoid being blamed for speeding, so most cars over-read their true speed. A car will also 'speed up' as its tyres wear (indicated, not actual speed).
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    AV4M.......Never thought of that ahmmm ! Sc ;)
  • 1km over in a 50km zone on a straight length of road, and it being Holland, next to water ...
  • Final score for last Thursday was 15,615 flashed from just under 399,000 drivers.
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