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  • Yes I saw that. Not coming here though
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    Shucks. I did have a look at one of those Citroen C4 Picasso thingies. That's quite fun-looking, smaller than the Avantime though.
  • Friends visited us here in France last week aboard one of these. The kids were all over it instantly - looks fantastic, and un-bus-like compared to previous incarnations. And, according to my boys, the ability to change the colour of the display at night is the single most important specification :-) B-)
  • Yes but only imported not sold in the UK
  • I spotted that its not being imported to the UK at the moment but I'd be shocked if they don't make a RHD version before too long. It's not just the UK where this could sell well.

    My friend Hervé let on that it cost the best part of €50k! - which is still £34k, even with a very strong £/€ rate at the moment. This is a new price point for Renault - competing with Land Rover and BMW SUVs.

    So I suspect that Renault are taking a conservative approach is required; checking that they can sell some decent numbers at that price in their home market (which is still dominated by French cars) before investing further.

    However, based on our short ride to the local market/party, it is a very nice bit of kit indeed. But having been in France for 6 weeks this summer, it is only the 3rd one I have seen - so maybe the French are still thinking about it too :-)
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    Just come back from France as well, spotted 2 Avantimes, 1 new Espace and 1 new Kadjar. Unless the Espace turns into a roaring success it won't be produced in RHD format as the UK is Renaults biggest RHD market so we would have to stump up the cost of engineering it for RHD. Lovely looking car though and there's a definite hint of Avantime around the C pillar area.
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    I've just come back from Ireland where there are a few Fluences about, another car that was available in RHD but peculiarly not over here except for a while in electric-only.
  • I'm not too keen on the new Espace. It's not enough of a departure from the Scenic/Grand Scenic. The driving environment is fantastic, the centre console and screen are futuristic. But without that individual 7-seat flexibility of old I cannot see a big enough move up from the others.
  • Yes, I saw alot of fluence's about when I was in Ireland 3 years ago, I think it wasn't available here because it's only a 4 door saloon, and they're not popular here unless it's a premium car (used to have a fiat marea saloon, hardly ever saw any but the bravo/brava hatch variant was everywhere)
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    I have had a test drive, with a diesel version of this engine - Energy dCi 160 EDC twin-turbo diesel with a six-speed, dual-clutch automatic gearbox. It was Initiale version so had also 4Control steering. Same thing introduced on Laguna since 2007. Renault have made it on new chassis, told to be tested more than 700000km, and they have changed from the previous Espace to simple SUV/MPV type of car. Changes to the previous model are similar like with the Avantime at 2002. I must say quite impressive, but have to wait to get petrol engine model from factory to test as they have some delays for distribution. See the link:

  • Blaaaaa

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  • During my trip to France...spotted zero Avantime's and nearly a dozen Vel Satis !!!! however did get to see the new Espace so here are a few pics of the Initiale interior

  • So, in the last few years they've eliminated the need for you to press a button to unlock your car - their future eliminates you needing to actually leave your house to get in your car, which you then of course don't need to drive!
  • Saw severel on recent trip to France looks the part no Avantimes but saw two Vel Satis
  • Also saw a few on my Euro romp. No Avantimes though.
    To be fair the renault scenic available in the UK seems very similar if you want one.
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