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Bought an Avantime

edited June 2015 in Public Discussions
Hi Guys, I recently joined the site and have now managed to acquire a lovely Blue Avantime from a fellow member (Mike).

The car is a 3ltr Auto and has a sports exhaust! Has a lovely burble to it. All round the car is in good condition, a few paint marks and the lower grill will need to be replaced. The sunroof also judders & needs help when closing, but that's pretty much it.

She cruised the 110 mile journey home. Took some getting used to, but gave her a quick clean and popped her back in the garage. Funny moment, took 2 of my daughters out for a ride, dropped the windows, they remarked - it's like being on a Safari!!


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    Hello Jules, well done on taking the plunge. Is MikeM letting you have the ODD plate, or is the car reverting to ZKH. Let me know, and I'll update the register with your details.
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    Cheers - I'm opting for the ZKH plate, well for now anyway. Might apply something else later in the year - but will update the records
  • Congrats jules. Enjoy!
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