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It's Back To The Future day ... and look what I saw earlier

edited October 2015 in Public Discussions
In a car park in SE1. I counted five of them. Think there must be some sort of event taking place


  • Its 'Back to the Future day'

    This is a clip from this mornings Chris Evans show...

  • Aren't there a couple of Avantime owners with De Loreans?
  • Only time I've ever seen a De Lorean on the road was earlier this year, driving down the A11 in August I think, saw about 5, not in a row but within about half an hour. Their big annual meet happens at some big hotel in Norfolk (they went to it when they did one on Wheeler Dealers).
    I will be watching BTTF 2 tonight!
  • Aren't there a couple of Avantime owners with De Loreans?
    Three in fact

  • Hello
    While with member Lee who also has a restored De Lorean , a transporter arrived with what seems to be the Mock Back to the Future car as per the TV news coverage ....this had all exterior attachments and all the interior banks of coloured panel switches, non of these actually work but are just cosmetic that enthusiasts enjoy the sit in value ?

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    Ha ha ha ha ! Sad but very true Sc
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    That was good, actually saw those wheel board things being advertised for sale in connection with back to the future lol
    Some more reality checks here (with the real doc and marty)
  • Good to see MJF back on the screens, Parkinsons is such a horrible disease.
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    Brilliant Lewes,a personal favourite of mine and was not aware of this appearance. Great to see MJF again and looking so well given his illness and how long ago he was diagnosed. Respect Sc
  • When I first saw him on that one I wasn't sure it was him because he looked so well!
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    Me too this morning..terrible but thought he was very poorly by now ! Great wee watch thanks C
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