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Renault confirms return to Formula 1 (Lotus buyout)

Renault has today confirmed it's intention to return to Formula 1 with a team formed from the demise of Team Lotus:-



  • edited December 2015 Posts: 0
    What I find interesting (if true) is that Red Bull may have their own development program for the engine now they have renewed the contract with Renault. I'd be surprised if that happens given the potential for Renault to be bitch slapped by RBR next year.

    I am very partisan I know but if only Renault and Matra were still partners... A Matra -Renault racing team would have been awesome.
  • As far as I'm aware, the Renault RBR contract will only be in place for one more season as it has already been agreed, I do know there have been some heated discussions between them. I think this played a big part in the decision to go it alone.
  • it would seem that Ilmor are involved in the development of the engine (i assume in partnership with Renault) and Red Bull are just saving face by labelling the engine as been by Tag Heuer (mclarens old bed fellow). Didnt ilmor help Mercedes do their engine?
  • Or maybe they'll just rebadge the Merc engine ;) After all there's already the Kangoo/Citan and Twingo/Smart for 4 link up!?!
  • Will they offer a better warranty / honour it too ? :-)) ...Sc
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