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Squeaky Suspension!!!!!!!!

edited February 2016 in Public Discussions
Can anyone help please ?
My Avantime has started to make lots of very annoying rubbery squeaky noises. They are coming from under either side of the dash, so I am suspecting that it must be something to do with the front suspension. The wheels have been off to take a look but can't really see much. There are round rubber block type bushes, that look like they have split at the bottom of the springs, or could it be something rubbing further up.
Sorry I know this sounds like a girlie explanation, I'm not an expert.
Many thanks


  • edited February 2016 Posts: 0
    Lower inner bushes replaced cured my 2L a few years ago which sounds very similar to what you describe. The spring was broken too but low down and still was in situ, just, which didn't help....Sc
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