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Blue 3ltr Manual - number 64 - For Sale

edited April 2016 in Public Discussions
Before I put my Avantime on ebay in a couple of weeks time for £2650, I thought the owners might like the first chance.

I am only selling this as I have had the opportunity to buy a Citroen DS 21 Pallas and can only reasonably justify one of the cars.
You are very welcome to view the car in Totton nr Southampton
The Spec:
You know most of this anyway!
3.0 V6 Manual - Illard Blue, Beige full leather interior, full length glass roof, Pillarless, Coupe, Sat nav and alarm option, 18” Renault Sport Alloys, quad-link doors without sag, Heated screens front and rear, Electric mirrors, Electric - Heated seats, Very good sound system (CD player has never work though), Reversing sensors, Cruise control, Speed limiter, Climate control, Stainless Steel exhaust, split level parcel shelf, new Battery.

The Condition:
12 months MOT, Mileage now stands at 137,000 the last 2 thousand I have added over the last 2 years, Full Service history, Service is due in approx 6,000 miles Cam Belt was done 20,000 miles ago but is now due because it is 5 years old.
Overall Condition is good, Leather is ageing nicely, Clean car, which was used as a company car by the first owner who clocked the majority of the miles mainly on motorways, The car is now 13 years old so expect some age related minor scratches, chips, touch-up and the interior not to be showroom, but still a lovely car.

Bad stuff:
The Cam belt is due, CD player and drivers heated seat does not work, small bit of corrosion on the Aluminium roof beam, scratch low on the Driver’s door.

I am away most of this week but email me if you would like some more details ebishop@sortimo.co.uk or text me and I shall call you back 079 9097 1458
1.jpg 1.1M
2.JPG 854.9K
3.JPG 939.3K
5.JPG 998.3K
6.JPG 852.6K
10.jpg 836.9K
11.jpg 111.2K
12.jpg 43.7K


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    Good luck with your DS. Just in case you don't know, before you buy throughly inspect the roof rail and the chassis inc boot area. Both expensive to repair properly. Pallas often rots more due to sponge under carpets and glued down carpet in boot. Lots of bodge ups esp on chassis. Roof rail often masticed to stop leaks. I've scrapped many a rotten DS and had some wonderful ones.
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    Hi, I now have an offer on number 64.
    Thank you for looking. I shall miss her. Custodian not owner.
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    Post up some pics of the DS when you can, interested to see it. Its another car i like.
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