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Avantime custom artwork/sketch

edited June 2016 in Public Discussions
So my friend drew this for me last year as a present as he knows I love the car. I think it is utterly fantastic. He has a master of design in automotive design but never went into anything design related due to competition in the sector.

I've told him it's so good people may pay him to do them! Took him several hours and a couple of practices apparently. FYI there is no colour used - it is black and white on red paper using chalks and pencils. It has a name this style (cant remember) but its supposed to look like an artwork. He has done lots of other ones when he was at uni which I can show as well to show how good he can be on other stuff too! Sorry for reflections on glass on image. The angle of the photo makes some of the proportions stranger than they are in real life.

Just thought if anyone thinks it is something they would want doing of their own car (any car!) and how much someone or yourself think they'd pay for this sort of thing? He wouldn't be expecting much to start but I think people would pay and it'd be nice for him to use his skill and get some use out of his degree while making someone as happy as me with the drawing! He did it from a photo he has of my car (rather than sitting looking at the car!).

Feedback would be welcomed then perhaps I can encourage him and see if he would take requests and when he can fit this in! He's so talented and no longer uses it as he has no incentive. I'm sure he'll get better with practice too!


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  • Very nicely done. Was he at the RCA? I did the BA degree at Coventry Uni but couldn't afford to go on to the RCA to do the Masters and couldn't get sponsorship either. It's a fantastic place. I went there a couple of times when I was doing my degree - a petrolheads paradise.
  • With skills like that he should advertise / promote himself, as there are 'self-publishing' online places for this. Whilst you have a absolute original, presumably a life-size scan would copy well, and if he scanned an original pic done on white paper, using say blue copy paper would produce a blue car.
    Possibilities are endless if he marketed to clubs, and could produce to a required colour...
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