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How Many.

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Does anyone know how many Avantimes are currently registered in the UK also whats the membership of this club.


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    Numbers for the UK registration are a bit sketchy but of around 350 originally sold in the UK there are probably well over 300 still in use (allowing for write offs and a few exports).

    The Yahoo group, over the two years it was running attracted 242 members plus 17 who left during this time.

    There are currently 65 members signed up to the new forum.

    Mike W
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    Thanks for the info Mike.I am a member of the Fiat Barchetta Mondo club though I no longer own a Barchetta.Fiat sold about four hundred Barkies in the UK and there is still a strong club which is a great help for spares and general chat.I am sure that as the AO site becomes better known the membership will grow strongly.Are there any other members in Ireland North or South that you are aware of.
  • Andrew Shipie lives in Dublin 16 and was a member of the Yahoo Group.

    Not joined here yet.
  • here's a web site where you can check any make of car, here's a seach for Avantime it say 330 on the road and 39 on SORN
  • .....and 344 known cars on the register! Just had to reduce it by 1, as I spotted a car was on the list under it's original registration as well as it's cherished number. If anyone sees other cars on twice in this way, please let me know, as they make the numbers inaccurate. Don't worry, I'm still coming across unrecorded cars to be added. Let's hope we can record the details of all the 369 cars shown on the above website.
  • I've just bought my third.

    I could not resist this one at the price being asked!

    I will get one that works!
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