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Engine smoking when hot

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Any advice welcome, Being miles away in France nr.Tours noticed that after driving for a while when the car stops there is an intermittent period of smoking from rear of engine compartment should I be worried....otherwise the car is working extremely well....is a garage job or send down the Loire? Declan


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    Probably a cam cover gasket leaking so oil is getting onto the exhaust. You'll have to make the call as to whether it is bad enough to present a risk of fire but will need looking at. You will probably find that driving more sedately will limit the amount of oil loss. Don't forget to keep an eye on the engine oil level too.
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    mmm....thanks for the steer, will consider the options locally tomorrow and hopefully resolve the problem before return to UK, thanks again much appreciated! Declan
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    Might be a bit late now but I had this problem.dont know if you have the 2ltr.But if you do get under the car and look for the turbo up high near the bulkhead.It has a oil pick up tube leading from the bottom of the engine.Mine leaked up at the turbo dripping down onto the exhaust manifold
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    thanks for that , it is a 2ltr but hasn't been 'smoking' too much since I first noticed the problem but I will definitely follow up on your advice, much appreciated cheers! Declan
  • You may not realise it but you're probably driving it a lot more sedately which will reduce crankcase pressure and subsequent oil loss.
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    that sounds about right after the couple of weeks up and down French autoroutes and route nationales it's back to lazy Kent roads, but will keep an eye on it, Thanks
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