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Thugs broke into my Avantime

edited November 2016 in Public Discussions
Just got a call from the police to say my Avantime's been broken into. A number of cars were hit and a building broken into so the area has been cordoned off. All I've been told, it's the passenger side window. So I have no idea if its the front or back window. Pre-empting a DIY fix or insurance claim, does anyone know of some passenger windows for sale?


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    Update, it's now confirmed as the main passenger window.
    If anyone knows of one, it's very much appreciated.
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    I can't understand some people...hope you get it fixed.
  • What b**stards.

    Looking through some old threads, this is very bad news as all the glass is very hard to come by.
  • @Stig I have a passenger window glass available
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    Mike, you always come to the rescue! Please can I put my name to it.
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    I'll speak to my local Renault garage in the morning, plus an independent to hear what they'll charge for getting the job done.
  • My sympathies. A few years back some lowlifes attacked my windscreen with what seemed to be a housebrick. Also did a couple of other vehicles in the street. Windscreen didn't break, but it had to be replaced
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    I would have their hands off so they couldn't do it again and their parents pay for the damage if they couldn't themselves. We're too lienient, we can't even give them a clip round the ear anymore. What ever happens to respect???
  • So sorry to hear that. With the one recently stolen and yours broken into, it's like people are out to get them. We love our cars and they're so hard to keep going with part availability.

    Unfortunately, like you said, there's no justice with things like this and it's always the victim that loses out with cars. I'd hit the roof if it was my Avantime!

    I hope you get it all fixed soon and back to how it should be!
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    Thanks for all the support. In the grand scheme of things, this is absolutely nothing of any importance. Things like this happen, unfortunately. What annoys me more than anything else is the amount of time this will steal from my days ahead to sort. As we all know, these cars are hard enough to keep going. Groups like this, and Mike of course, help to keep these future classics on the road. Thanks everyone.
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    Good news. My insurance don't see broken glass window as an insurance claim, so this incident won't effect my insurance premium or no claims bonus. "National Windscreen" are now on the case, looking for a passenger side window. I told them I had located 2, however they wanted to provide it themselves. I suggested they call me should they have any difficulty sourcing a replacement from Renault. Time will tell. I'll keep you posted with the ease of the job in hand.
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    Sad indeed. Car breaking used to be a national sport for stereos cds etc but over the years has faded off to looking for valuables usually on show. Don't attend many nowadays. Anything stolen ? Unfortunately the damage done getting in and to dash is usually more expensive than the theft.
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    Nothing stolen at all, they were basically just scum.
    Well, there's no glass in the UK and no glass in France apparently. National Windscreen tell me it would have to be a back order from Renaulf which could take months. Luckily I've had two offers from here, so will start with Mike initially.
  • Sorry to hear about this, where are you based?
    If its any help I had MGC in Nottingham strip my door down to fix the side window which had come loose. The total labour charge was only 1 hour, so not expensive...
  • I wonder if Uroglas could help out with this, longer term? They don't just make windscreens.
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    I'm in Jersey, there's only two Avantimes here, my 3L and a 2litre. Neither of which were sold here. We both brought them over from the uk. There's only one Franchised glass replacement business here, so they should be good at the job. But as we all know Avantimes are a bit quirky so it'll be interesting. On a side note, I've had mine for 12 years now, and apart from the coils and the heater matrix, oh, and the rear hub bearings, the seats mechanism going "twang"' the rear view mirror leaking its stuff, and the heated seats not working, I can't face fixing that last one. It's been the most reliable car we've owned..... Apart from a Toyota Sera.
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