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2 Litre or 3 Litre cars

Putting aside practical considerations of price, availability & convenience, which car would members prefer & why.

Also, is there rivalry between the various owners B-)


  • 3 litre automatic. Less stressed engine, almost quiet on the road with automatic gearbox for ease of driving.
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    I would say go for the V6 if you find a good one. I have a 2.0 which I got due to fuel economy and cheaper insurance (I was only 23 when I got it). However, having spoken to people who own/ed both, it seems fuel economy difference is not that much different. In terms of things going wrong, there are different issues on each engine, so would be difficult to say one was better than the other - the 2.0 has been known to break timing belts if the aux pulley fails, and a few people here (myself included) have had 'limp home mode' which can be a pain to diagnose and potentially expensive to repair. The main issue with the V6 is (ignition) coil failure, coils arent too expensive, but changing one on the rear bank of the V6 isnt too easy, and likely to be costly if you're not prepared to do the job yourself.
    Other than that the big difference between the cars is the equipment - the cars were sold as 2.0T Dynamique or v6 Privilege - meaning the engine dictates trim level. You might get the odd extra on a 2.0 but not many were specced with lots of options simply because the difference in price meant the V6 was better value if you wanted a well equipped car. The main things you get are: full leather (black or beige) & heated front seats (vs. black half leather), rear parking sensors, electric folding mirrors, cruise control, better stereo with 6 CD changer (which breaks - but can be repaired) plus many of them do have the optional sat-nav. You can see the full spec list here: http://www.renaultavantime.com/index.php?page=specification
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    Timing belt if not doing it yourself is about £250 v £800..big cost given the value of the car Sc
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    Mines a 2.0t with all the Privilege bits...... best of both worlds.....
  • Thanks everyone so far. I have had my 3.0 Litre manual for a month and love it. I am in the market for a 2nd. Seems like 3.0 Litre auto is the way to go!
  • These are great cars in any guise. Just find the best that you can afford with trim, colour or other details that best suit your taste and needs. We'll all here have slightly different opinions as to what is best. Rivalry? Nah. The brotherhood is united.
  • I've got used to the effortless v6 auto, which I drive as if it is a lazy auto Jag. It definitely suits the car, and I wouldn't discourage anyone from getting one.
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    I'll second that..
  • Thanks guys
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    I am constantly amazed by the economy of my 3L manual.
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    Johnny_Essex said "I've got used to the effortless v6 auto, which I drive as if it is a lazy auto Jag. It definitely suits the car, and I wouldn't discourage anyone from getting one."
    Ah, driving as if it's a lazy auto Jag - I hear you...I used to have a 4.2 Jaguar XJC and I drove that exactly like you say - lazy! As for my Avantime, it's a manual but I'd like an auto too. Be nice driving one lazily. :)>-
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    The manual is lazy too. Once in top you hardly have to think about it unless you need to do a brisk overtake.
    Even the gearchange is lazy. It won't be rushed.
  • The thing i miss on the 2.0T is cruise control, which really is handy trhough roadworks or just cruising about, which is about 90% of my driving.
  • I would love cruise control too, it can be added if you get all the parts off a V6 and then activate it using Renault diagnostics.
    Most of the extras on the Privilege spec can be fitted to the Dynamique, in Europe you could get each spec with different engines (like you can with most cars). There is one RHD 2.0T Privilege, which Mike made.
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    Thats mine.
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    There is no need for any programming to activate cruise control. Just fit the necessary parts (dashboard switch, throttle pedal, steering wheel and clock spring).
  • Hmmm sounds dooable but one for the future...as well as the dashboard switch would you not need the steering wheel activation buttons. Had cruise on my 2003 Renault Megane Cabriolet and the ergonomics of the buttons and activation were spot on.
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    On that point, is there any other Renault steering wheel that straight swaps to the Avantime, that would have these functions as standard?.
  • I would think a wheel from an espace III would work but others may not as the buttons use a resistor network to apply different voltages down the signal wire depending on which button is pressed. The resistor network therefore needs to be compatible with the Matra UCH.
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    I suppose the Airbag needs consideration too.
  • ...as well as the dashboard switch would you not need the steering wheel activation buttons.

    They're on the steering wheel you replace.
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