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I think I have had a result. I am with General Accident and my renewal quote came in at £160 pa as last years was £162 I was pleased. When I went to the pay section it said if I pay on line early they reduce the price to £140 . Anyone else had this?


  • I've not heard of this on car insurance, I used to get a 10% discount if I paid my phone bill early, rather than leaving it to direct debit - which one call centre agent told me was because it was cheaper for them to process a card payment than direct debit, so could be related to that. May also have something to do with trying to keep business, given the high competition in the sector with all the comparison sites, they keep you as a customer and don't have to shell out probably more than £20 on the average policy to the comparison site. I know I have many times cancelled my insurance only to buy it from the same or sister company via a comparison site for less, whilst I could just ask them to match it, I wouldn't get a free meerkat that way! :p
  • What is my 3 litre V6 automatic now worth? I'm about to talk to my insurer about a realistic value of £3,000 ... It looks "well used". Too much ?
  • edited April 10
    Sounds about right for "well used" George, that's towards the lower end of values for a V6 Privilege.
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