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I think I have had a result. I am with General Accident and my renewal quote came in at £160 pa as last years was £162 I was pleased. When I went to the pay section it said if I pay on line early they reduce the price to £140 . Anyone else had this?


  • New to me.
  • I've not heard of this on car insurance, I used to get a 10% discount if I paid my phone bill early, rather than leaving it to direct debit - which one call centre agent told me was because it was cheaper for them to process a card payment than direct debit, so could be related to that. May also have something to do with trying to keep business, given the high competition in the sector with all the comparison sites, they keep you as a customer and don't have to shell out probably more than £20 on the average policy to the comparison site. I know I have many times cancelled my insurance only to buy it from the same or sister company via a comparison site for less, whilst I could just ask them to match it, I wouldn't get a free meerkat that way! :p
  • What is my 3 litre V6 automatic now worth? I'm about to talk to my insurer about a realistic value of £3,000 ... It looks "well used". Too much ?
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    Sounds about right for "well used" George, that's towards the lower end of values for a V6 Privilege.
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    Just paid £215 for insurance (it was £205 a few days ago, but they don't seem to keep your quotes now) with quotemehappy.com (who are an online only version of Aviva). Also get a £20 cheque for buying from confused (sposed to get a Texaco voucher, but there are no Texaco stations in scotland, so we get a cheque instead apparently!) plus because they are an online only company they dont charge an admin fee for changes, which is handy as thats usually £30 and I swap my cars round for the winter (well, I will need to get my multipla through an MOT first, just failed miserably).
    Took the Avantime out for a midnight run to make sure it was all in working order whilst the roads were empty. Now I just need some of the weather we had over Easter!
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    Has anyone had an issue with their insurance when fitting an replacement (ie aftermarket) exhaust? The underwriters have advised they won’t cover it even though I’ve explained I can’t get an original one :/

    I am currently paying around £280 pa with BISL. (Through M&S Insurance) they’ve said they can rebroke it at £600!! :#

    Comparing the meerkat I’ve found a couple of alternatives at sub £300 but wondered if anyone had any experience of this issue before I go through the process of switching?

    I think the insurers key concern is whether the exhaust adds any power.
  • Even £280 sounds expensive for your area. £600 would be expensive in the northwest.
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    Comparison sites let you put modifications on now in their forms, so you get a correct price. I don't put that my exhaust or suspension is non-standard, on the basis they will never check, even if I crash it, and if they did, doubt they would know what it originally had. Unless you specified a power increasing exhaust, its unlikely you would have one, and the Avantime is pretty low powered by todays standards, so even if you did have a power increasing one, it's hardly like you will be embarrassing GTIs
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    Thanks chaps. I have it on a separate policy with my wife as main driver, so there’s 10 years NCD (whereas on my other car there’s 20 plus years). Perhaps that’s why premiums a bit higher?
    Re exhaust I take your point. It’s a stainless one from MIJ. I’ve gone for a ‘mid sport’ version which is slightly less baffled so wanted to err on the side of caution!
  • AA suggested I get mine rolling road tested for accurate BHP figures, if I intended to leave the conical air filter on ... naturally I removed it.
    I'm as honest as my hair is long ... and
    the MOT is also due next week.
  • Feeling old, just paid £190 with £35 cashback so £155, sure my dad was in his early 50's before he was paying that little!
    Only put 3k miles down and thats optimistic with lockdown (I am extremely vulnerable group so will be a while before I'm out and about), have also just SORN'd it as cant justify £325 a year for a once a month trip to click and collect the shopping (as much as I enjoyed my circuitous drive doing that last week in grand air mode).
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    Just had my quote from Adrian flux with 4 years no claims....£319..... said no....£269.....said no...£259..... they are ringing me back in a few weeks... will see how many more times they get “no” and reduce it.
  • I paid £330 for mine 24,000 miles a year, work use, breakdown/recovery, £50,000 life insurance for death while driving, and legal cover. Hastings direct. 9 years no claim discount.
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    I used to get a good deal from Adrian Flux but they seem to have become greedy ! There were many far better deals on "compare the market" so I moved saving over £100 !
  • Shout out to Admiral who refunded £50 on my two-car policy, due to the reduction in claims over the last few months.
    That means the Avantime with full NCD and the Microcar with 4yrs NCD, together cost just £238 this year. Fully comprehensive!
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    you did better than me,,i got an £10.50 refund due to reduced mileage thru lack of
    use since lockdown.... :/
    i'm not going to spend it all at once.... :D
  • Weird they would do that...how do they know your mileage is reduced? If it's an assumption why wasn't my policy affected?
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    weird alright, they sent a letter saying i might be due a refund based on reduced mileage..i have it insured for 6,000 miles but they've never asked year on year what
    i've actually done !!! go figure.
    i just told the truth and said i'd be lucky to hit 3000 this year !!
    it was hardly worth the phone call tbh, i was hoping nearer £100 !!
  • Ah OK I get you. Well as you say, go carefully, don't let it all go to your head. :D
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    well well, without prompting my renewal this year has reduced from £430 to £285 ...
    happy days !! next year i'm going for Classic ins, just need an agreed value.
  • bodie said:

    well well, without prompting my renewal this year has reduced from £430 to £285 ...
    happy days !! next year i'm going for Classic ins, just need an agreed value.

    Nice one.

  • Now that the “20 years old” thing is fast approaching for our Avantimes, does anybody know for certain the names of insurers that offer such policies for neo-classics, or whatever the term is?
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    Lancaster, Footman James, Adrian Flux, RH insurance , Peter Best and Classic Line are a few.
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    Actual Car has to be 20 years old mines only coming up to 19 and got told no can do until it’s 20
  • I'll have to look out then. Been typing for years, since 1974. Manual machines to start with, like before "power steering".
  • What's gong on?! Insurance premium is down ... on last years. Is this a trend?
  • Just had a phone call from the local police, one of my cars has been spotted parked up by an ANPR equipped police vehicle. It was apparently showing as uninsured. I have checked with my insurance company and one letter was incorrect on their records. I've changed it now to the correct registration but what i can't understand is how i was able to tax it in January?

    Someone else must have done the same thing and had my car insured. They could have told me, I'd have saved a few bob.

  • Does the system actually check you are insured? I doubt it does as when buying a car you have to tax it immediately, so their system would need to be updated instantly (as you would have just called the insurance), which is unlikely, as the MID system is not run by the gov, but the insurance industry. However, you do need a current MOT to tax it, as they've managed to get the VED system to check the MOT database (nigh on a miracle for the civil service!).
    However, it now seems to check MOT at point of renewal, as it renewed my multipla even though the MOT expired same day as tax. Previously I've not been able to renew a car where the MOT expired before the end of the month, although was valid at time of (attempted) renewal.
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