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Power Steering leak. Help needed.

Hi, last week we found a puddle of fluid under the car. It became obvious that it it was power steering oil. The car is at our local garage today and they say it is leaking where the pipes go into/come out of the steering rack. They contacted Renault, who were not too helpful and predictably don't have any spares. Renault said you have to replace the complete steering rack but it is no longer available! I think the local garage are "frightened" of the car and aren't prepared to fit anything if Renault say you need the whole thing.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to whether the said pipes are available individually and can they be replaced without buying a complete new steering rack?

Many thanks



  • We've heard this nonsense from Renault before. The hoses have to be replaced separately if you can find them. Which one is it that has failed?
    @renoman1975 might be you best bet for a used replacement, otherwise you could try someone like Pirtek or Hydroscand to carry out a repair of yours or fabricate a new one.
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    We've heard this nonsense from Renault before.

    I thought as much. The Renault dealer in Exeter quoted me £2400 to do the cam belt as it is such a "specialised and rare" car.

    Not sure which one has gone. Will have to get under and take a look.


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    i've had a slow drip leak from mine for last 2 years !! it's obviously not the high pressure one so i just top the fluid up once every so often.....and the oil is keeping the rust at bay underneath... :p
    i'll have to get it sorted sooner or later but i'm going for the cheap option at the moment !!
  • Hi Stoobie
    If your timing belt is due to be replaced then it would make sense to remove the engine and replace the power steering pipe at the same time.
    We are at complete different ends of the country but would be more than happy to take on the job for a fraction of the cost the garage quoted you.
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    bodie said:

    i've had a slow drip leak from mine for last 2 years !!

    Unfortunately, I think it must be a more serious issue. Hi pressure pipe maybe? It has filled a paint tray that I put under there as soon as I noticed the puddle last week.

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    yeah, that sounds a bit terminal tbh... :/
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    My high pressure PAS pipe split a few years ago, I measured the diameter, found some random PAS rubber pipe section on ebay. I cut through the PAS pipe and fitted the rubber pipe over it and secured with hose clamps and its held up fine. Obvs depends on exactly where the break is, as a corner may be harder, and it wouldn't be possible if it was at the connection.
  • That would work on the low pressure pipe but not on the high pressure side.
  • A quick update here which I should have done so ages ago. We have found a friendly repair shop / garage down our way and having looked, it was the high pressure pipe. The owner has had the pipes manufactured by Piretec and fitted and the car is running well.

    It is great that he's not "frightened" by the Avantime and is more than happy to continue to help us keep it on the road. While he had it up on the ramp we had a nose under and it is generally in very good condition for a 20 year old car. All sems good other than the radiator support. That is very rusty!

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