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Another power steering pipe leak, help!

Hi all

The power steering on my Avantime v6 has developed a leak which is bad enough to be noisy and leave puddles on the tarmac.

My garage has advised me that the part I need has number 6025410640. I’m struggling to find anything at my usual go to suppliers. Would anyone (Sandy?) know where I can get a replacement pipe?

As always, many thanks for your thoughts.

Kind regards


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    Some owners are having pipes custom made. Pirtek rings a bell, try them. i dont think its too expensive an option neither. I assume you will have to get your old one off to match.... unless they have a pattern already.
  • Hi Nick
    I had one in stock but used it on a customers car, I would have another one in my current parts car but no idea what condition it’s in and wouldn’t be looking to remove it until I’m ready to use the engine/gearbox assembly that’s still fitted.

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