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Beat that....

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Took my girlfriend from Bedford to Luton airport this morning down the A6 at breakneck speeds to catch an 8am flight.
I decided to return home on the M1 and see how high i could get my mpg level to. I reset it leaving the airport and, after a mile tailback, joined the motorway. I drafted a Miller lite lorry all the way to Junc 13 at 54 mph (OH, THAT WAS BORING) followed by an uneventful run in on the A421... the result was a truly amazing 36.5 mpg average with a peak at 37.6 mpg... this from a V6. I was gobsmacked....

Anyone ever get a higher reading than those?

Daft I know but what else do you do when your girlfriend goes away for 2 weeks???



  • I take it that was what you registered on the MPG meter? they are a little bit on the optimistic side but that's pretty good all the same.

    You do realise we are going to get "spotted" reports of Avantimes causing massive holdups everywhere now.
  • When you get coil failure the mpg climbs to 99.9mpg. I think most V6 owners have experienced that one!!
  • Coming back from Newcastle in the middle of the night I stuck the cruise on at 56 and got to 39.8 mpg. It was a boring drive but the challenge was to try and get to 40mpg
  • Yeah but that was down hill all the way try doing it the other way up hill north bound :-)
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    ............in that case mine needs a serious check-up!
  • Drove out to Shugborough HALL Stafford last night . MPG read 34.9 .Not bad for a 60 mile round trip.
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    I have noticed that the auto box tends to cruise at 70mph in 4th.. switching to manual and up-shifting to 5th seems to help.

    Never mind.. a colleague of mine has an Mercedes SL550 AMG. He gets about 5 mpg out of that!
  • Yeah the auto box is naughty. It will sometimes sit in a lower gear for miles ay 70, but if you switch the cruise off let it change up and then switch it on again it will sit in 5th . My current Avantime and my last one both did the same.
  • "............in that case mine needs a serious check-up! "

    " My current Avantime and my last one both did the same "

    Some connection here me thinks !
  • martin i have seen you drive ! You are never going to get figures like that !
  • I've had 36.5mpg indicated as best on a 200 mile journey, with 34.9 average for the trip, but had to experiment by sticking at 60mph to achieve this. I think cruise control is slightly 'thirsty' though, as I reckon that with your brain working your right foot, you'd drop back to 55 on the inclines, and reach 65 on the downward slopes, whereas the c/c would keep a push on to maintain a set speed. Mark - you may have achieved 40 if you'd left the c/c off!
    My exhaust has just started a blow. I think that's dropped the mpg reading by a couple of mpg. Hopefully it will improve a tad better than the original when I go stainless.
    Incidentally, are you sure you are in 4th gear at 70mph? I've checked with the revs and proved I'm not, but going into manual shows 4th gear on the display, so it kicks back a gear if you shift to manual. My auto usually changes to 5th gear at about 46 mph, but with c/c set for 50mph motorway roadworks, I often find it kicks into 4th for no apparent change of circumstances. I just select manual and push back to 5th.
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    The ratios are definitely designed for the French speed limits - so the revs are good for 50 mph and 80 mph.
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    @Johnny Essex - I'll have to keep a closer eye on it when I change gear!

    Another technique is "pulse and glide" (I haven't tried this on the Avantime)i, but that is allegedly quite an efficient way of doing it. You need a quiet road with not much traffic, and then you accelerate up to the speed limit in top gear (the "pulse"), then release the accelerator and coast with the car still in top gear (the "glide"). When you are "gliding" in a modern car, the engine uses no fuel at all.

    Of course, that's very annoying and possibly dangerous to do in traffic! But you can use part of the technique when coming to a stop - lay off the brakes for as long as possible and use a "glide" to slow down.
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    Hmmm, not so sure of that 'Pulse and Glide" lark what with drag squaring as speed increases and all that....! Avantime isn't the most slippery of machines....
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    Actually, according to Carfolio - http://www.carfolio.com/specifications/models/car/?car=97185 - the drag coefficient is 0.340 which is about average - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automobile_drag_coefficient. I think the fact that it is quite long helps.

    Don't forget though that the Avantime has some considerable mass pushing it along. It's something that could really benefit from a hybrid system to take the energy back from the brakes..
  • After filling up yesterday, with family and luggage from 3 weeks holiday saw 41.1mpg for the first 10 or 15 miles of fairly flat travel towards Kitzingen in Mittel Franken, Germany yesterday. Had up around 39mpg when schmoozing along the banks of the Rhine last year from via Koblenz to Assmanhausen. Drops off a bit once hitting the autobahn though. Average 30.5mpg actual over the whole 3,100+ miles, including Austria and tearing around the Autostrada near Firenze (big climbs, scarily tight lanes). Cruising usually at 75 - 80 mph. Not bad for a 3L! Ciao, Gavin
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    Just got back from a 2000 mile trip to Spain and France in my 2 litre. Given that it was fully loaded for around 75% of that , that the aircon was on for most of the time (France was 35 degrees plus) and the driving included quite a lot of hairy mountain road driving in both countries - and driving as fast as I reasonably could the rest of the time - I think my overall 30 mpg wasn't at all bad.
  • Cruising on motorways at 80-85 I get 30mph, at 70 the mph reduces, if I use manual mileage also goes down. On trips to Europe with Ac or a topbox to the alps, with my son driving it averages 25
  • As I've said before, my Dad's in his eighties, and goes down the motorway at 30mph!
    I think Roger means 30 mpG!
  • I have done the "how high can I get the mpg thing" many times, but I dont get consistent results. One time things were going well (30+mpg), then i hit torrential rain (the norm for Wales) and the mpg dropped a lot spoiling my little game.... its those wide tyres....

    Other times I have had good results one way and poor coming back - I think this was down to a tail/headwind...

    Now I dont really bother

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    The round trip to Gaydon and back (290 miles with a planned detour) achieved 45.1mpg average, since 99.9mpg showed within 5 miles of leaving home. OK, I confess, a coil went intermittently - off looking for the missing exhaust weld I expect!
  • 31.5mpg, V6, Average!,....... Starting from Croydon at 7am, crossing London,and then cruising at 65-70 in the convoy, ......and then getting stuck in London traffic for 1.5 hours on return journey,..... 33.3 upon arrival at Gaydon,... so I think that's pretty good considering the return journey took almost an Hour longer than the outward one !
    97 octane fuel, I never use less, as I get terrible "Pinking" with the 95!!!
  • How come some get pinking on 95 and other don't, or are some not listening? mine pinks on 95
  • did Haydock to Suffolk yesterday on M6,A14- 33.1 mpg on V6 with 97 octane (always use this)
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