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What I don't know about my Avantime

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When I bought my Avantime I got nothing with it, except the service book stamped relatively well up-to-date. Since then I've been trying to buy some bits and pieces on eBay etc. and yesterday received a price guide and sales type book that I won for a few £s. In the sales book it shows the central dash at the satnav screen opening upwards to reveal a "handy coin holder" Does the dash really open up like this, and if so, how do I persuade mine to do so?

I really wish I'd held off a few months to get my Avantime as I reckon I paid over the odds a little, and with no paperwork or anything of substance I was a little disappointed. However the car itself has been great and has proved more versatile than expected when moving bits of furniture across Scotland!




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    There is a lock on the right hand side, just below the silver trim.

    I think it might be a seperate key from the ignition. (I can't remember if there's a second key with my spare ignition key, I never lock mine.)

    If the ignition key doesn't fit and you have no other, sounds like a job for a lock picker!

    Don't beat yourself up on the price, look forward not back.

    PS You might find the owners manual and who knows what else in there. :)
  • Would also be speaking to a dealer ... I recently lost the locking wheel nut key and there was an appropriate key number on a sticker in the service book. You never know your luck. The wheel key was not that bad either (£24) ....although this was clearly more of a necessity.
  • Thank you guys, much appreciated. I'm expecting to find a hoarde of gold and rubys and maybe the odd human bone in there, yarrrrrr.

  • Well, although it was very exciting to find this new cubby-hole, it was unfortunately empty, except for a tiny packet of KFC salt. Guess I'll have to keep checking online to see if anyone has some owners documents they'd be willing to part with.

    BTW - I wrote to Renault some time ago and they said they could provide an owners booklet on CD for £10 - does anyone have / use this, and is it worth getting.

    Thanks again

  • Both the owners handbook and audio book are available from a dealer, you just need the revised part numbers.
  • Hi
    i had to buy the cd from Renault as the manual was not with my car on purchase. i received the cd, watched and found a spare cubbyhole on top of the facia, upon opening the new said cubby was the manual, £10 well spent . . . .

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    My Avantime has built in sat nav. I must have had it for 6 months before one day in traffic frustration, hitting the upper lip of the sat nav cowl, to be shocked when it sprung backwards! I thought I'd broken it. Inside the cubby hole were my locking nuts and 2 CD's for the sat nav. Good old Avantime, still full of surprises.
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