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Any Owners near Aberdeen ?

I received an admin email as follows, if anyone can help let me know or post here

Mike W.....

Hi there,

I was wondering if you could tell me if you have any members up in the Aberdeenshire direction. I need to buy a second car any time before July 09 and would like something special, originally thought about a Clio Williams but the quality of whats out there for the money is pretty poor. Before buying i would have liked to see what its like to get my kids in and out of the back of an Avantime and just how big the boot really is (big enough for a pram) and if there was any one local that could let me see their car that would be great (or selling one). I have not seen any locally and the nearest one for sale to me is 150 miles away. I worked as a mechanic in a Renault dealership for over 15 years before changing my career and never got the chance to work on one but did get a test drive of a rival dealership's one. I've owned Renault's for over 13 years and very passionate about the manufacturer.

Thanks for now



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    Sandy, I'm in Edinburgh and you'd be welcome to have a nose around my car. We're up in Aberdeen in January to see The Mighty Boosh so maybe we could arrange something then?

    Avantimes seem to be flying off the shelves on eBay at the moment!

  • Oh dear! My 3.0 auto belonged to a doctor in Aberdeen. He part-exed it in Glasgow in the middle of Jan and now it resides with me in Hampshire. But judging from the neglect that it's suffered I doubt that he would be a member of this forum. Still, a weekends elbow grease has done wonders to the interior. Actually, I'm very pleasently surprised at how well it's come up (given that it was nailed together in a shed in France ;-) ). Off for a major service next week and then I'll tackle the exterior: flaking wheels, bubbling cant rails, semi-seized lamp-washers, broken rear screen washer........ Nothing drastic, and it'll make a great daily driver then.
  • Hi Derek,
    I still havn't got an Avantime as yet and was wondering if I could take you up on your offer of having a nose round your car. We will be staying in Edinburgh at the caravan club site at Silverknowes from Tuesday 23rd, going to the Highland show on the Friday then heading for home on the Saturday morning. You can let me know or just tell me to get lost :)
  • Thanks for letting me see and drive your Avantime Derek. I hope we both learned something more about the car.
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    . . . and thanks for the free 'repair' :-) It was nice to meet you all, and to know there's at least one other Forum Avantime in Scotland. Looking forward to seeing it up and running the next time I visit Aberdeen.

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    You and Joanne would be more than welcome to come round for a visit next time your up my direction. I just hope to get it going sooner rather than later. As for the free repair dont tell everyone I dont want owners queing up :)
  • "I dont want owners queing up" where's your community spirit? :-)
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    Mmmmmm - No Comment :-)
    To be honest I would be willing to help anyone if I can.
  • Et vise versa
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    I think we ought to be told what the free repair was - we don't all want to queue up the M1 to Aberdeen if we've already had the repair done!
    I'll offer my "free adjustment to passenger seat height" service at Silverstone (Saturday) if anyone is interested. I hope I remember to charge up my "specialist adjusting tool. "
  • Would that be a cushion?
  • Any chance you could post that tool up to me when your finished with it as I dont think I have one of those. :-)
  • No cushions? It must be grim up North!
    But I use an 8mm socket, extension, and reversible drill, plus one minute of trial and error to find the right height for the passenger seat. Simples.
  • You're welcome to experiment on my passenger seat,.... well I think so, ...but you might have to ask Tina, as it's her Bum thats positioned on it most of the time !!!

    Can you raise it high enough for her head to stick out of the sunroof, so i dont have to listen to her "Nagging" ha ha ??
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