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Vehicle Excise Duty

Am I right in thinking that the new Vehicle Excise Duty that will be applied to the 3.0ltr Avantime will be £215 pa from april 2009 and £245 pa from April 2010 (£235 for LPG)

Previous to the recent pre-budget report it was to be £410 pa from April 2010

If I've read that right then things are not that bad for us, it's just cars sold after 23 March 2006 that will be hit hard.

See:- http://tinyurl.com/newvedrates


  • I think you are right Mike. The most important sentence in that paper is 'Band K includes cars that have a CO2 figure over 225g/km but were registered before 23 March 2006. These cars will stay in band K.'

    Certainly taking the governments words at face value (!!!) things don't look as bad as was feared.
  • My original plan was to cancel my VED at the end of January, then SORN the Avantime for a month and re-tax it at the end of February for a year, thus making best use of the old prices. I don't need to do that now.

    Also recently bought as a second car, an old 1996 Safrane 2.5 with only 49K on the clock thinking it would last a long time due to the low mileage but be under the 2001 threshold. Wish I'd gone for the Vel Satis now :-( although it did mean a DIY job to transfer the LPG conversion from my old Safrane (saved myself around £800)
  • I had heard a rumour that the 2002-2006 cars amnesty would be phased out gradually. There is nothing to stop band K rising to the same level as L or M in the years after 2011. That would be bad news for those of us aspiring to long term ownership. I so wish Matra had got the M72 into production. That would have been real fun and you could thumb your nose at Alistair Darling too...
  • I'm lucky enough to have my Avantime in the remotest corners of the Highlands. I only use it a few weeks in the year, so the tax is ruinous value for money already. If it's escalated to the unjust levels under discussion, I'll just raise the skull and crossbones, go renegade, and drive the car untaxed. Minimal chance of getting caught. Enough is enough!
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