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My daughter sent me this !!!!
Interesting !

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could it be the Avantime?

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  • The secret could be out.

    "Ok, more clues: itÂ’s blue, and the cd changer may have given up by now, but thereÂ’ll be trama for afficionados when itÂ’s broadcast. TheyÂ’ll need their vitameans! HY02 yÂ’all."

    Not quite sure why we'll need our "vitameans!"
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    Anagram. Don't know why we should need them either. No I didn't post it.

    Someone is in danger of spoiling the secret.
  • HI guys,

    Did you see or remember the episode where our Avantime was placed on the COOL WALL?

    it was on season1 ep. 6.

    It used to be on you tube but as been removed.
    If anyone can find a copy you can post the address for the community.
    I have a copy and if anyone wants it send me a mail.

    Enjoy it,
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    That is definitely an Avantime under the silver cover... the line of the windscreen pillar and bonnet lines are pretty clear, and the sharp edge to the rear of the roof is unmistakeable to those of us lucky to be familiar with the Avantime.

    New series starts this coming Sunday... I wonder if this "project" will be part of the first show?
  • I see that the Avantime will be appearing in some (possibly demeaning) item during the new series of Top Gear. Don't know which program, but will record them to make sure.

  • They've fitted an ironing board on top of the rear hatch and a 3/4 plywood front spoiler. Looks hideous.
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    They had a few shots in the series teaser at the front of the first show. One shot going VERY sideways which looked awesome. It had a crazy rear wing setup which did look ridiculous, but being ridiculous is their forte. If you saw it last night, you can only wonder how long before one of those overgrown schoolboys gets seriously hurt...oh already happened to RH...
  • It's this Sunday, I think...

    "Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May take on the challenge of making an ordinary second hand car lap the test track as fast as a brand new, purpose built sports saloon."

    Though that's the first time *ever* that an Avantime's been called "ordinary"
  • It's definately on Sunday, I work with the studio director on other projects and he rang to say he felt we were all going to enjoy it and suggested that I shouldn't sell ours before it goes out!
  • Hi Everyone,

    Just to confirm that I was on the show Wednesday, and my car was on - so will be shown tomorrow (16th). I hope you enjoy it. I spoke for a while with Jeremy when he asked the audience who had seen or owned one, and I explained it was mine. The whole team were really complementary and he said the Avantime was fantastic and that they all genuinely loved the cars. I won;t spoil it, but all I will say at this point is that I've never seen the car handle so well - and it should be a good show!
    The actual TG experience was great and they are all really funny - connstantly taking the preverbial out of each other, and and involved the audience. Prepare to see the most bizarre kitchen experiment ever....

  • Can anyone record it in HD to a Blue Ray disc?

    I will record it to standard DVD from BBC2 analogue
  • Brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed that. Don't think I'll bother with any performance "enhancements" though. :-)
  • The mods were a lot cheaper than Renault OE.
  • we can hold our heads high brilliant
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    As I said, they were really complementary about Avantimes - the Editor of the show now owns the car. One guy next to me in the studio was busy running the car down and Jeremy leapt to the car's defence saying that it was brilliant and one of the few cars that they could agree on; it did what it was supposed to do and was distinctive, comfortable and well engineered. I got a lot of stick from Jezzer on the fact that the car had an oil leak, but this was down to the arse who collected my car on a transporter, damaged it whilst trying to get it on and then proceeded to deliver it to the wrong people! We got a call from TG asking where it was 2 days later and then a call from the guy who collected it from us asking when it would be convenient to deliver it to us??? My wife had to explain that he'd picked it up from us 2 days earlier and it had to go somewhere else-lol. TG also lost the documentation, so turned it into a saga - but worth it in the end. My only dissapointment was that they weren't a little more radical; the researcher said they were going to supercharge it. One word of the caution - I had just forked out on a major service using Renault and am not convinced that this had been done properly (at all?) based on their conclusions - worrying.
  • It might just be due to the long service intervals or maybe the dealer did do nothing, makes you wonder about having a rolling road test after a service.

    First time I've seen an Avantime on track and I reckon it was brilliant even without the mods. All it needed was a service everything else added seconds to the lap time.

    What a great review!!
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    I rather suspect driving an Iliade Blue Avantime around in the UK over the next few weeks might prove an even more amusing pastime!

    I was astonished at their announcement that the Avantime was one of only three cars they all liked - that's a startling accolade for the car in itself, you could say.

    I thought it was a brilliant bit of entertainment, and contrary to some perhaps legitimate worries, I also thought it was in no way "disrespectful" to the car. My absolute favourite bit was the Stig's last lap when he threw the car into the second to last corner, and actually got the tail out AND the inside rear wheel quite a long way off the ground - it's doable in a Golf GTI Mk1 (they were quite famous for it), but to do it in an Avantime for Pete's sake!?!?

    I may, however, be visiting a rolling road very soon, and depending on results will seek out James May, who's overnight servicing efforts liberated an extra 45bhp! Top chap!
  • Thumbs up from Top Gear,falling fuel prices,rumoured hold on road tax increases for older cars,all very positive for us.
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    Generally good comments about the Avantime, I reckon it came in second place after the V8 blender.
  • Very good effort from TG.

  • So we've all been right all along - it really is a star!!
    First, off the 'Cool-Board' and into 'The Fridge' and then to get a few places up on the performance car lap table!
    The Matra engineers didn't do too badly with what they had - did they?!

    I was wondering if the ESP was switched-on for those laps - and the anti-skid must have been blowing its fuses with those big discs and calipers that they fitted only to the fronts!
  • Nice engine/exhaust sound from the V6! I thought the Avantime gave a pretty good account of itself, and good to hear the TG team all liked it. It looked like the ESP was off after the first couple of runs. I can see the 'opposite lock with inside rear wheel airborne' shot making it to wallpaper on my PC very soon! Well done Top Gear.
  • Do you think the Top Gear guys really managed to pull the car to bits and upgrade everything in such a short time without the help of a Renault technician??
  • Not having a Renault technician probably helped!!
  • Them all stating that they liked it, meant that they couldn't exactly go ahead and reck it as they normally do to most cars.
  • What did they do to it during the 'over-night' service, apart from a new exhaust and probably an induction kit??
  • Looks like the show might have had a positive effect on prices:-
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    I sent the new owner the details of the website, as I don't trust the seller regarding the description. They've had 3 different ebay accounts in the past few months, and close one down as soon as the negative feedback gets too much. They do seem to get hold of Avantimes on a regular basis, this is the 3rd since June.

    It would be nice if prices were to rise, and hopefully the delay in the road tax rises will also help if that's going to happen.
  • was it my imagination or have I just seen ANOTHER Avantime on TG? If anyone managed to record it take a close look at the vehicle in front of Clarksons Jag as he drives on to the Eurostar.Then again it just might be me!
  • Looks more like a Modus.

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