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2 become 1

Does anyone remember the madness I went through at Christmas in the snow trying to get the correct brake pads for my car?
Does anyone recall the hoo-haa I went through getting a breakdown recovery from the AA which culminated with a need for 2 new tyres and a wheel repair?

Well I finally got the Khumo tyres I wanted and took them, together with my refurbished wheel (see pictures) and the correct pads which I eventually got from my Renault West dealer to my mate's Formula 1 centre to have them all fitted.
I'd had the pads in the car since January just waiting for a reason to get them changed and the whole AA debacle was as good a time as any.

Well my new wheel and tyres look fabulous (I've just got to find £50 per corner to now make the other 3 look the same.
The brake pad......... yes you guessed right....... WRONG ONES!!!!!

Back to Renault tomorrow to try again. I'll be putting in a call to RCS first to see if I can make them fit them gratis because of the hassle (what do you think my chances are?)

Life.... a challenge we cannot win!

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    Hey you used Pristine.. I've used them in the past for the Roadster, the refurb wheels look fantastic. I've been wanting to send all 4 wheels off for a refurb, but that would leave the car without wheels for several days, and I'd need to sweet-talk some garage into handling it.
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