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Electrical Service Manual

I have recently been contacted by a company who have introduced me to their website which offers downloads of various automotive manuals. They requested that I place a link to their site so I agreed to do this if they supplied me a copy to evaluate.

I have not had time to fully check the information contained in the manual but at first glance it appears to be a very useful reference. In addition to standard style wiring diagrams, it shows clear diagrams of the physical positions of electrical components and the routing of the various wiring looms.

The information contained in the manual is a good supplement to the Dialogys manual and gives much more detail of electrical systems on the car.

At £4.99 for the download I consider this to be a worthwhile investment for any Avantime owner and can recommend it to all our members.

The link:-


Just to be clear, this manual covers electrical systems only.


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    I would be interested to know how many other owners find this useful.
  • Mike does it cover Sat Nav and Hi Fi? The list on the link looks comprehensive but nothing specifically mentioned that I can see, and looks a little generic in any case.
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    There is a specific layout diagram for the Sat Nav and Hi Fi which is, as the other diagrams, not generic but specifically Avantime.
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    Thanks Mike. Sorry, I meant the list looks generic. I'm sure the manual is kosher Think I'll get one.
  • Have now downloaded and had a good look through the manual and it's very good. All electronic manuals are (IMO) difficult to navigate but I didn't find this one too bad once I understood the way it works. Lots of info and interesting teasers (what was the X66 coupe for example) and well worth five pounds to any Avantime owner. Recommended.
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    1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS X66 coupe?
  • I've downloaded a copy - but the 'programme' doesn't work....is this a Windows 7 problem?
  • Hi Martin, long time no see.

    This manual works fine on XP. What's happening when you try to run it?
  • Hiya - I downloaded it and the zipped file opens into several folders and files. Autorun doesn't do anything - I can open some individual gifs and pdfs but the HTM menu page doesn't lead anywhere. I feel there should be an install function to sort the programme and folders out - where do I start?
  • OK - sorted. Ithought it was a self-extracting winzip file, but a further 'extract' command has sorted it.
    ...................so where do I find the suppressor exactly, as my radio buzzes with speed related interference?????
  • "my radio buzzes"

    Is it a whining or crackling type of buzz ?

    Whining will be your alternator or crackling will be ignition related (perhaps a coil breaking down)
  • Out of interest how many have bought this manual?
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    Me - not that I can make much sense of it mind. I'm just a country bumpkin.
  • I've got one - likewise, not a great purchase so far.

    The radio has an electrical whine or whizzzz - that is engine speed related - so do you think that might be a new suppressor required on the alternator then?
  • Sounds like alternator whine to me - I get the same, think there's a ground loop somewhere...

    It would be a good purchase, if only I could understand it.
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    "not a great purchase so far"

    I'm amazed by that Martin, for under a fiver you get detailed wiring diagrams, loom layout diagrams, identification and location diagrams showing the mounting positions for all electrical equipment, fuse data and fusebox layouts and more.

    I think it's a bargain.
  • - maybe you've spent more time figuring it out than matthewgroom & I have!
  • Hi Paul Sage here

    Happy New Year to everyone.

    I have been reading comments about this manual about electrics on Avantimes

    Would it help me as I have come across front windscreen wipers that will not stop working. Tried the screen sensor and does not make any difference.

    Any ideas??
  • Yes Paul, buy and download the manual, it costs barely more than a pint of beer. If you understand electrics it will be invaluable. The passenger computer sends out volts back to the stalk depending on what it thinks is required so it may be the culprit. The wiper motor circuit itself is very simple with just low and high speed and park connectors. Things get very complicated at the switch however!
  • Thank you for that. Don't do cards but I'll get our son to help.

    Regards and thanks again

  • It helped me to sort out the heated screen, worth the price , just have to experiment with the navigation, everything you need is there, just has to be looked for in the diagrams
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    Yes, it's just what I wanted, well worth the fiver .
  • What format does it download in? pdf?
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    The files are navigated and viewed using the supplied program. All files within the program are in html format so could be viewed using your internet browser if you wanted to.
  • Thank god I don't appear to need it yet ... even my maiden Aunt thought the Avantime was a very smooth vehicle this weekend. I even managed to "behave" with my wife sitting next to me.
    Is there any way I can register the speed at 10% less on that LARGE display in the middle of the dash?
  • George - If you've set your display to km for Belgium, you could change it back to miles...
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    That would be 47%, I think she might notice.

    If you fit 10% bigger wheels that would do it but you would destroy the wheel arch liners.
    Maybe switch to MPH and fit smaller wheels :-)
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