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Avantime Wedding Car

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I'm easily persuaded. The Avantime decked with white ribbons drove from Wells to Street to pick up bride, off to Taunton for the ceremony, did grand air through Taunton in February, no complaints from the occupants. A fun day.

Just wonder, any other Avantimes been used as wedding cars.


  • I took the groom (not me) to the church in mine last year - a little short notice so the ribbons looked a bit haphazard...
  • Actually glad I'm not the first. Every bride ought to arrive in an Avantime, even the groom Matthew. Thanks for the link Mike, goodness your finger is on the hub. Might have a photo soon and know you people never mind a photo of an Avantime!
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    goodness your finger is on the hub
    Wonderful thing the search feature (top right)
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    couple of pics., fun day
  • @Royston if when you upload pictures, you click on "Insert Image" BEFORE you post your comment, the picture will auto re-size and display on page like this:-

  • There is certainly one French company in the Nord Pas de Calais area doing just that, hiring an Avantime out as a wedding car.
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    I thought of doing the same with mine, but unless its family or friends, you need to have extra Insurance, just the same as a mini cab, and that is very pricey, only worth doing if you are guaranteed lots of weddings !!
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    A quick word of warning to anyone thinking of using their Avantime in a wedding based scenario, make sure you buy far more ribbon than you think you'll need! We bought 5m and this wasn't nearly enough to reach from the sun visor to the grill and back again. We ended up using the wing mirrors instead. Sadly we were running a bit late, and there was no one around to take any pics when we got there. And as the car was driven to the reception, the ribbon came off so no pics at all. However took a quick snap with the compact camera outside the hotel this morning, which is attached here.
    148.JPG 811.7K
  • what a shame you didn't manage to get more photos, weather looks so nice too. Nice pic by the way.
  • High everybody!!

    Here are some pictures I've found in differents forums!!imageimageimageimageimageimage
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    Audrey, our daughter and Guillaume will marry in may, in Montpellier, south France, "where the sky's always blue, sweet home Alabama"!! ;)
  • Now there's a business plan! With only one other Avantime possibly in NZ, I could offer something truly unique for the big day!
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