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Thought I'd start a thread to promote the site gallery which isn't getting much use at the moment. Let's see your best Avantime picture. I'll start the ball rolling with this one:-

Anybody else ?


  • I dont think anyone can surpass that Mike,... I'm not religious, but the whole feel of that picture oozes "From the Heavens above"
    It's absolutely Brilliant !!! ... It should have been Renaults Marketing Picture !!
    I was a professional photographer for 16 years, (Properties, not Cars), and Either you were "very lucky", or you spent hours waiting for the perfect lighting !!!

    I'll try to do something special at gaydon !! :-)
  • Very nice Mike, what are those wheels out of interest as they look really good without getting too far away from the originals ?
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    Graham, Thanks for your comments, A combination of luck and raw talent :-)

    Des, they are the official Renault option for the Avantime called "Olympie" nicer and more durable than the originals. I imported five sets about 2 years ago for several members of the forum.
  • Cheers Mike, wasnt aware of those as an option, will have to see if I can get my hands on some. My current alloys are actually in pretty good shape but I wont hold out much hope of them surviving a Scottish winter too well !!
  • "I imported five sets about 2 years ago for several members of the forum."

    Don't suppose you have any left ? :-)
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    Mmmmm.....might have a spare set lying around.........for the right price.
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    Uploaded photos by Richard Maiden here:-
  • Mmmmm.....might have a spare set lying around.........for the right price.

    Mmmmm..... might be the "Bargain Price" :-) ...

    Are they 17" or 18" as I will have to buy a new set of tyres, if they're 18" :=(
    But maybe someone here would like my 17" with 225x50 falkens , that are only on 8,000 miles ! ?
  • How do we upload images Mike? Or do we e-mail to you?
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    I know it's a little inconvenient but in order to keep costs down I have to use fairly compact software packages which have limited features. I have to upload all images myself, however this also means the gallery doesn't balloon out of all proportion which would weigh heavily on hosting costs.

    email to
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    Uploaded photos by Gary Roberts here:-
  • Thanks Mike - those pics taken by former owner outside his mansion and kindly forwarded to me recently....not my pad sadly!
  • Here's one of my favorite pics of M4TRA ...

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    That's an old one Phill ! (the picture) :-)
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    Here's my set:
  • Yep, was a while back, but remember, she has been in storage for 3 years!.
    This weekend will be her first show since the layup, we are doing Evesham show this weekend, Claire is taking her DeLorean, I'm taking Avantime, there will be a few more DeLoreans and some of our Vauxhall club mates too, anybody in the area over the weekend it would be nice to see you (its free). There will be some new pics after the weekend!
  • Whereabouts is the Evesham show ? ..." Obviously Evesham" .... but there are a few !
  • sorry, didn't realise there were more than one :-(. we left on friday, so didn't log back on after post. I will post some pics and info on the next event shortly.
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    Here's a couple of pictures from this weekends Evesham show (Worcestershire Evesham). It was a superb weekend, everything including the camping was completely free! The Sat night balloon light-up and fireworks show was spectacular.

    some more to follow - I really need a better camera for the night shots!
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    Some more pics, Avantime and 'Flopsy', Claires DeLorean (my DeLorean is currently having some work done on her), and a piccy of Avantime through the DeLorean doors ...

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    If I've counted right, that's six door struts all working at the same time. Tell me, is that a record for the DeLorean or were broom handles involved somewhere?
  • Maybe it took 12 DeLorean cars to achieve 3 that worked!!
  • :-), well, all the gas struts on our 2 cars are fine - well the 2 on the engine cover louvres of Claires car have suddenly died, so need replacing.
    Mine door struts were done 4 years ago and are still fine. The door struts are prone to failure due to the fact they lay flat when the doors are shut and this allows the seals to dry out if the doors remain shut for weeks on end, but with regular use they last as long as any others (they are quite cheap as well). The struts don't open the doors on thier own btw!, they are simply an assistor to the cryogenic torsion bars across the door top that do most of the work, when the struts fail the doors go saggy ... this is where Claire's car gets her name - the door struts needed swapping when the car came from the states ... she's called 'flopsy' as in floppy doors, and it stuck.
    I've been to a lot of meets with D's and never seen the broom handle in use yet :-) but ... there's always time.
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    Another 'arty' pic from the Evesham weekend, this one taken by a mate ..
  • Not so much a contendor for the best picture but here's a few of mine...

    Typical, by the time I'd lined up all the cars for the last shot it had started pouring with rain !!!
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    Wow - how many cars does a person need!!
    Was your car on the Ferrari club stand at Motervation in Alford back in July?
  • Absolutely love the view!

    Next meeting at your place then?
  • Indeed Mike - where is that?!
  • LOL- Thanks Mike, we do indeed have a fantastic view, virtually the whole back of the house is glass and decking for obvious reasons! Plenty of room for an Avantime meet if you lot dont mind a long drive!

    Renoman - My wife thinks I have a problem! ;-) No wasnt my car at Alford, I'm not really into showing cars if I'm honest, barely have time to drive it as it is..! Am actually about to start getting rid of some cars as since the arrival of my baby daughter I'm struggling to use them all and keep them washed and polished etc....

    Anyone spot what the BMW 840 and Avantime have in common?
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    Yip - I know what you mean, I use to love cleaning and polishing my pride and joy but having small children soon puts a stop to that.
    Spot the differance
    Well there not the same colour and there not the same size - I know they both have the same air freshner!!
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